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FBE And 3Layer Pipe Epoxy Powder Coating Machine

FBE And 3Layer Pipe Epoxy Powder Coating Machine

FBE and 3Layer Steel Pipe Coating Machine

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    FBE and 3Layer Pipe Coating Machine

    Epoxy powder coating machine includes 

    1. Stainless steel spray powder room,

    2. Fluidized tank,

    3. Howder pump,

    4. High voltage electrostatic generator and

    5. High voltage electrostatic spraying Gun

    6. Combination control cabinet,

    7. Powder secondary recovery unit,

    8. Compressed air system,

    9. Grounding device, etc.

    Main technical parameters:

    Voltage of the controller : 220V 50HZ.

    Power: 40VA

    Output voltage: 0 ~ 12V.

    Output current: up to 0.8a.

    Air pressure control input pressure 8bar.

    Output pressure 0 ~ 6bar.

    Spray gun output current up to 0.8a.

    Output voltage DC 0 ~ 100KV.

    The circuit breaker current is up to 0.2ma.

    Single shot output 500g/min(6bar)

    Single-gun gas consumption is 0.3m.  3 / min (0.6 Mpa)

    The powder rate > was 95%.

    The powder recovery rate is 99%.

    1).Epoxy powder chamber wall is made of stainless steel plate.

    The powder chamber does not constitute a circuit in the overall structure.

    Therefore, it is not hot to be together with the medium frequency induction heating ring, the powder will not stick to the coking, and also reduce the work.

    The rate of consumption.

    The spray gun rack in the powder spraying room can satisfy the spray gun in the three-dimensional space, so as to ensure the best spraying effect17.

    2). The spray gun adopts the high voltage electrostatic spraying gun and electric control system manufactured by Qingdao large warehouse company, which is combined with domestic and international.

    The characteristics of various powder spraying guns are specially designed for pipeline spraying.

    The characteristics of high pressure internal electrostatic spraying gun are:

    The gun is made of stainless steel rod, bright and durable, not sticky powder.

    The gun is made of polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) material, high temperature resistance, no deformation, no powder.

    The gun core consists of teflon block and steel wire rod, which can disperse the powder and adjust the convenience.

    It is very important to homogenize powder and powder.

    Combined with the above characteristics, the spray gun is very beneficial to control the powder thickness adjustment and can save the powder.

    Reduce costs.

    Number of shotguns: 4 guns.

    3) spray powder integrated control cabinet: the products manufactured by Qingdao large warehouse company are adopted.

    4). Powder supply device.

    Powder filter core and cyclone recovery.

    Fan model: 4-72 N o. 4A, flow :5962m.

    3 /h, full pressure 1723pa, motor Y132S1-2, 5.5KW.

    Huashida Machinery, with over 14 years' experience, is one of the professional FBE And 3Layer Pipe Epoxy Powder Coating Machine manufacturers in China. Offering the customized service, we warmly welcome you to get the high qualified products from our factory.
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