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Sewer Pipe Extrusion Line

Sewer Pipe Extrusion Line

Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional plastic welding production manufacture since 2003. The factory covers 34000 square meters,locates in Cheng yang Industrial area, Qingdao , China. The factory has approved and got certificate ISO90001:2008 by SGS.

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    Sewer Pipe Production Line / Double Wall Steel Reinforce Winding Pipe Extrusion Line

    Features of HDPE Large Diameter Hollow Wall metal reinfored Winding Pipe
    1). High Ring Stiffness
    2). High Brunt Intensity and low weight
    3). Good creep deformation resistance.
    4). Outer pressure resistance.
    5). Erosion resistance ( such as acid, alkali and salt etc. )
    6). Production material cost saving

    It has been widely used for sewerage and drainage in city, it will replace the plastic pipe, cement pipe, cast iron pipe and other pipes. Its low cost of assembling, easy operation, easy connection and economical construction can make it wide foreground and market potential.

    Features of HDPE Hollow Wall steel reinforced Winding Pipe Extrusion Line:
    1. HDPE Large Diameter Hollow Wall steel reinforced Winding Pipe Production Line designed with advanced technology includes 1st single screw extruder for profiled T belts, profiled T belts extrusion die, vacuum calibration cooling platform, hual-off, coiler; 2ND single screw extruder for HDPE plates, 3rd single screw extruder for melting glue material, spiral forming unit, cutting unit and stack unit.

    2. Spiral forming unit: Adopts advanced multi-axes transmission box with feature of high transmission force and stable running performance. Unique design of composite die-head, rotational molding after combined feed, and two sets of extruder extrude PE for winding pipe, High quality of winding pipe produced by adopting the unique winding process for pipe forming, The glue extruder can be moved in up and down, left and right direction. PLC computer control system with touch screen interface can realize automatic and reliable operation

    3. Cutting part: Saw cutting with desired length. OMRON or MITSUBISHI PLC computer control system with touch screen interface can realize automatic and reliable operation.

    4. PLC computer control system with touch screen: With super high speed and large storage capacity, Multi control points: Forming pipe extrusion, melting PE adhesive extrusion, winding and cutting process can be auto-tail controlled synchronously, Separately controlling two extruder and winding unit in tandem with two touch screens.

    5. It includes two parts.
    The first part is PE Pipe Production Line. The function of it extrude PE/PP profiled T belt. It include as following equipment:
    SJ series Single Screw Extruder / Die Head ( outer mold and mandrill) / Calibration &Cooling platform, Hual-off and coiler
    The second part is Forming Machine of HDPE double flat Wall steel reinforced Winding Pipe. The function of it can produce qualified HDPE double flat Wall steel reinforced Winding Pipe. It includes as below equipment:
    SJ series Single Screw Extruder / Die Head / Spiral forming unit / Cutting Unit / Stack Unit / PLC control system with touch screen

    0180523143128.jpgTechnical parameters

    PIPEExtruder modelExtruder capacitycorrugator seriescorrugator mold block qtymax speed
    DNmodelcapacityseriesmold block qtym/min
    ID600-1000SJ-120×36(3sets)850kg per DWCP-1000391.2

    Company Info
    Qingdao HuaShiDa Machinery Co., Ltd. Was established High & New Technology Industrial Area of Qingdao, China. HSD's factory covers the area 34000square meter in Jin-ling Industrial Park, Chenyang District, Qingdao, China.

    Huashida Machinery, with over 14 years' experience, is one of the professional sewer pipe extrusion line manufacturers in China. Offering the customized service, we warmly welcome you to get the high qualified products from our factory.
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