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Heat Shrinkable Band Production Line

Heat Shrinkable Band Production Line

We are manufacturer of both heat shrink sleeve and heat shrink sleeve making machine.

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    PE Cross-Linked Heat Shrinkable Band Production Line

    We are manufacturer of both heat shrink sleeve and heat shrink sleeve making machine.

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    Product application:
    Radiation cross linked heat shrinkable sleeve is mainly used in field girth weld coating, anti-corrosive thermal insulated pipe; waterproof pipe joints of plastic water supplying and drainage water pipe.

        1. PE back film extrusion Line
    --- Single screw extruder
    --- Die head
    --- Three Calender
    --- Roll temperature controlling system
    --- Cooling rack
    --- Hauling off
    --- Rewinding machine
       2. Adhesive Mixing and Coating Line
    --- Unpowered uncoil device
    --- Reactor
    --- Adhesive coating system
    --- Cooling water tank
    --- Haul off
    --- Coiler platform.
      3. For three layer fiber reinforced heat shrink sleeve, we need to add below equipments
    --- Fiber uncoiling device
    --- Fiber heating device
    --- Fiber flattening device

    PE Back Film Extrusion Line

    Adhesive Mixing And Coating Line

    SRSG-800  Cross-linked Heat Shrinkable Belt Production Line 

    RS-800 Basic film extrusion line  (RS-800)
    1SJ-65×30 single screw Extruder1 Set
    2T-Die mold1 Set
    33-Calender Roller1 Set
    4Roll temperature control system1 Set
    5Cooling Bracket1 Set
    6Haul-Off Unit1 Set
    7Coiler1 Set

    TJ-700 adhesive mixing and coating line  (TJ-700)
    1Unpowered uncoil device1 Set
    2Basic film drawing mill1 Set
    3reactor1 Set
    4Adhesive coating mold group1 Set
    5Cooling water tank1 Set
    6Haul-Off Unit1 Set
    7Coiler platform1 Set


    Our Services
     Quality guarantee period:  12 months or 14 months from date of Bill of Lading.  
    During this period, the seller will provide free service for all problems caused by quality of equipments, however except the problems caused by the buyer because of wrong operation. 
    Service:  The seller would send technician to the buyer's factory to test the new machine and train people of the buyer. The buyer should pay for round-trip transportation expense, food, accommodation, insurance locally and related salary.

    Huashida Machinery, with over 14 years' experience, is one of the professional heat shrinkable band production line manufacturers in China. Offering the customized service, we warmly welcome you to get the high qualified products from our factory.
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