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Vacuum Calibrating Method pre-insulated Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

Vacuum calibrating method pre-insulated plastic pipe extrusion line is widely used in PE pipe industry. We develop the PE pipe extrusion line by absorbing Germany technology, using high efficient single screw extruder.

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    Vacuum Calibrating Method pre-insulated Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

    HDPE Pre-insulated jacket Pipe Extrusion Line is a pipe extrusion line developed by HSD company through assimilating the master technology  from Europe. It is applicable for extrusion of PE, PP, PB, PERT, ABS etc. 
    This pipe extrusion line mainly includes single screw extruder, molds, vacuum calibrating water tank, spray water cooling tank, haul-off machine, cutting machine and bracket.

    Plastic Pipes produced by this line have excellent stiffness, flexibility, high mechanical strength, resistance of environmental stress cracks, resistance to creep deformation, heat-linkage and so on. It has become the first choice for the thermal steel pipe outcasing jacket , foundation pipe, landfill collection pipe, watermain, geothermal heating etc.

    The extrusion line consist of these parts below:

    1set   Auto Vacuum feeder :
    1set   Hopper dryer
    1set   Efficient single screw extruder
    1set   Mould
    1set   Vacuum calibration table
    1set   Hauling machine
    1set   Cutting machine
    1set   Stacker


    Single Screw Extruder

    Single screw extruder is composed of AC motor, hard toothed surface reduction gear, extruding system, heating and cooling system, and electrical controlling part. AC motor transfer the power to reduction gearbox and make screw rotate at certain speed to adapt to extruding all kinds of plastics.



    Die-head is mainly composed of mandril, neck mold, spiral body, cover, die-head body, bolts, and heating rings. The inside surface touching with plastic materials is polished and chrome plated to ensure plastic materials flow smoothly and to ensure no rusting. The uniformity of pipe wall thickness can be adjusted by bolts. The copper calibrating sleeve fixed in die-head is mainly used to cool down the fresh pipe and to calibrate the pipe outer diameter.


    Vacuum Calibrating Tube and Vacuum Cooling Tube

    Vacuum calibrating tube and vacuum cooling tube is mainly composed of frame, stainless steel tank, vacuum system, spray cooling system, back and forth mobile device. When it is at work, the vacuum pump exhausts the air from the sealed tank to pressurize the fresh pipe cling to calibrating copper sleeve and to realize calibrating the pipe outer diameter. Spray cooling system is used to cool down the extruded pipe by water. Spray nozzles spray cooling water from all directions on pipe surface to cool down the pipe promptly.


    Hauling Machine

    Hauling machine is mainly composed of driving device, haul-off chain caterpillar, clamping structure, adjusting system, side plate, and foundation bed. Haul-off caterpillars are AC motor driven and adopt frequency control of speed to adapt to different pipes extruding speed. It is also equipped with automatic length measuring device to realize cutter cutting at set length.


    Cutting Machine

    It adopts blade punching principle to realize no-dust cutting. It is mainly composed of cutting device, clamping device, structure synchronous mobile device, and frame.






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    Why do the customer need our pre-insulated extrudion machine urgently? Because Huashida own the core technology which other manufacturer donot have. Screw, die head, PLC control system, hauling machine, automatic planet cutting machine compose Huashida's core technology.

    Just take die head in the whole equipment for example,  we choose the material 40Cr, the stiffness is much higher than 45#. The 45# may transform at high temperature and high pressure, but the 40Cr can conform the shape.

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