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  • High Quality XPS Foamed Sheet Production Line

    Contact NowHigh Quality XPS Foamed Sheet Production LineQingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. studied foreign advanced technology and develop XPS Foamed Board Extrusion Line according to international environmental protection requirements. This extrusion line adopts CO2 completely replaces the hydrogen fluoride blowing agent and truly realizes a non-fluorine foaming process. According to the different needs of customers, a variety of foaming agents can be shared, one machine has multi application. The central computer control the entire progress automatically and the production process is intelligent. A number of technologies have obtained national patents, and the XPS polystyrene foam board production line has reached the international advanced level.Read More

  • CO2 XPS Foamed Board Expanded Machine

    Contact NowCO2 XPS Foamed Board Expanded MachineCO2 XPS foamed board is widely used as heat insulation material in highway, airport and commercial building. due to light weight,good insulation character, it becomes more popular at insulation industry area.Read More